Rules for fishing in Gels Å

Gels Å is closed from November 1st to April 15th.

Access to and traffic in the area:                           

Dogs are not allowed. Consideration must be shown when driving and parking vehicles.

Roads must not be blocked.

Anglers are on foot allowed unimpeded movement along the river, to and from the river

along existing roads, paths, field boundaries and natural boundaries as well as uncultivated fields.

Where passage along the river is not feasible, anglers have the right to cross over fenced or cultivated fields the shortest possible way. Irrigation systems, fences and crops must not be damaged. Livestock and game may not be hurt.

Any irregularities and damages incurred are, if not settled on the spot with the concerned landowner, promptly to be reported to the association’s chairman.

(see Board members).

Minimum size limits: 
Brown trout  30 cm reporting obligation
Pike                60 cm   PROTECTED from April 16th – April 30th
Sea trout       40 cm –reporting obligation
Salmon          40 cm PROTECTED –with quota exemption and reporting obligation see
Grayling        FULLY PROTECTED
Eel                 45 cm

All dates listed are included in the closed seasons. For species not mentioned above, closed seasons and minimum sizes are as specified in the applicable laws and regulations thereto.

Bag limits for salmon (salmo salar), stop for salmon fishing:

Salmon is protected, but fishing for salmon is allowed in so far that by Consolidation Act an exemption to do so – a salmon quota – is granted. Until the association’s quota is exhausted, and if he has not earlier the same year kept any salmon from Gels Å or other parts of the river system, an angler is permitted to keep 1 salmon per calendar year.

When the association’s quota is exhausted, a stop for salmon fishing “laksestop” is announced.

Anyone fishing in Gels Å is prior to the fishing obliged to obtain information on a possible stop for salmon fishing.

“Laksestop” and other information about the salmon quota is announced at or

Other fishing restrictions:

Bag limit for other not protected salmonids: 3 pieces per angler per day. Kelts are protected.

Angler’s children under the age of 12’s catch is counted in and reported as part of the angler’s catch.

Reporting obligation:

No later than 24:00 on the same day the salmon is taken or released, information about the first and last name, address, date of catch, salmon size and gender and location of catch must be reported to
Reporting of all catches of fish here There is no other way to report. Reporting of all catches of brown trout and sea trout including those released is mandatory and no later than 4 days after the catch.

Fishing execution etc.:

All anglers must bring a valid member or fishing license, which upon request must be presented for inspectors, land owners and anyone who can present a valid fishing license. When accompanied by the angler and under his authority and responsibility, angler’s children are also entitled to fish.

Fishing is restricted to 1 rod per angler. Wade fishing is not permitted.

Fishing with baitfish, shrimp and roe is not permitted.

Only one hook may be used on the line. The hook may be a single, double or treble hook. The use of barbs on the hook is not allowed, certain types of bait fishing excluded.

Fishing with natural bait or bait with fragrances is only allowed on barbless J-hooks.

Protected fish or fish that does not meet the prescribed minimum size must be released immediately after the catch, as far as possible alive.


Litter must not be left by the fishing water.


Violation of the above rules may result in withdrawal of fishing rights and expulsion.

– the Board